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A S Çeşme House




Çeşme, İzmir





A Mystical Experience with Panoramic Views in Çeşme

Built on a two-acre plot in Çeşme, İzmir, an old house built in 1962 forms the main structure of the house. In 1997, Makomim made new additions to the existing 100-square-meter structure without touching its mass and design. Without cutting down the trees that had grown over 35 years, a new guesthouse and service areas were added, a pool was built on the front facade, and the house was given a new lease on life. The small, pre-existing volumes of the house, which had never been touched, were evaluated and made functional, as if they were chambers. A spacious integrity was achieved with the continuity of the chosen simple lines and colors. The sand colors used throughout the house were softened with natural materials such as metals, birch furniture, and raffia weaves. The new design focused on maximum functionality, comfort, and a feeling of coolness. It is possible to feel this relaxing atmosphere in every corner. The newly built pool was designed with a canal spirit, set aside on the plot, while the lawn area in the garden was expanded. The seating area placed on the overflow borders of the pool becomes the scene of heated Çeşme gossip in the later hours of the day

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