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A S Karşıyaka House




Karşıyaka, İzmir





Metallic Reflections

The existing floor plan was preserved during the renovation of this house with a minimalist look. By utilizing the reflections of different materials, an impressive cladding was created for the interiors. The 200-square-meter triplex house is a standard housing estate house. For this reason, the limited space possibilities pushed the architects to create structured volumes with simple cladding. This is a house that is comfortable and functional, yet not afraid to be striking. The design plays with the reflections of materials rather than forms. In particular, the different lighting that hits the silver leaf-covered wall in the living room creates different effects both day and night. Located in a small garden, the living area on the entrance floor starts from under the staircase connecting to the upper floors and is bordered by a lambri facade that extends throughout the house. This facade also serves as a storage space.

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